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NTB Complaint - ruined my tire to get me to buy new ones
NTB Complaint

NTB Complaint


ruined my tire to get me to buy new ones

My husband, mother and I went to the NTB in Raymore, MO to have our driver side rear tire looked at. It had a very slow leak for going on 2 months and we finally got around to getting it fixed. My husband and I went inside while my mother stayed in the car. We told the guy at the counter that we needed the driver\'s rear tire looked at due to slow loss of air. He wrote down the info and I saw what he wrote, DR, for drivers side rear tire on the work order.

We gave the guy the keys so he could get the info he needed from the car. He came back in and was trying to sell us new tires because the tread was starting to get low. We politely told the guy no, there was still enough tread left and we weren\'t buying new tires that day. My mother came in after the guy had looked at the car and tire and we waited in the waiting room.

20 minutes later the guy wheeled our tire in and said we had something stuck in the sidewall and the tire wasn\'t fixable. It was a staple of some sorts and you could here the tire hissing from air loss. My husband told him to put the tire back on and that we would just go buy a used tire up the road because we didn\'t want one brand new tire and 3 almost wore out tires and we weren\'t ready to buy a whole new set that day. So the guy leaves and is rolling the tire thru the shop (we can see him thru the massive window in the waiting room)and that is when I realized that the tire he had taken off was the passenger rear and not the driver rear like he was instructed. They put the tire back on and the guy came in again and tried to sell us 4 new tires again. We told the guy we weren\'t buying new tires 1. we couldn\'t afford them this week 2. the other tires still had some life left in them. So then the guy was trying to get us to apply for a credit card thru them. My husband sa id no for the tenth time and then questioned him on taking off the wrong tire. The guy claims he must have heard my husband wrong but I saw him right down \"DR\" on the work order and my mother who was sitting in the car when he came out to the parking lot to get the plate number and mileage said he looked at the drivers rear tire and not the passenger rear tire. He then offered to go look at the correct tire and my husband told him don\'t bother we would take it somewhere else.

I am absolutely convinced that they stuck this staple in my tire to sell us new tires. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this tire before I took my vehicle there. My husband checks the tire pressure weekly and this tire has never been low before and it was not low when we left our house or when we had pulled into their parking lot. I find it very suspect that I have a staple in the opposite tire that had the issues to begin with and the whole time this guy was trying to sell us new tires. Not only that, but the way the staple was stuck in there was very odd. The staple was flattened out and stuck right in the sidewall like a needle and it was nice and sparkly clean yet it was rainey and snowing and the roads are gross and grimy.

I was furious to begin with and the guy was like \"whatever\" when we questioned him on it and said \"do you want new tires or not\". We prompltly left before I choked the guy. After we left we went to the business the next parking lot down and was inside for all of 10 minutes and when we came out the tire that had nothing wrong with it to begin with was half flat.

Now I have to replace a tire that was perfectly fine before hand @ $180 for 1 tire. I am outraged and will NEVER go there or any other NTB again. I called their hotline number and put a complaint in and am waiting for a response.

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